Industrial Mechanical Contractors
Specializing in the Food and Beverage Industries

Industrial Mechanical Contractors
Specializing in the Food and Beverage Industries

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Gottstein Corporation has extensive machine shop capabilities

Gottstein Corporation offers a full scale fabrication and machine shop. Our machine shop capabilities can provide you with prompt part fabrication and service. Our skilled machine technicians have years of experience in their fields and understand that precision and workmanship are key components to constructing vital parts and instruments for your industry. Our machine shop technicians are available seven days a week to provide you and your facility with the best possible service.

Our capabilities include:machine-shop

  • Custom Shop Design
  • Custom Machining
  • Custom Conveyor Design
  • Custom Parts Design
  • Part Troubleshooting
  • Platform and Catwalk Fabrication
  • Equipment Modification
  • CNC Capabilities
  • MIG, Electrode and TIG Welding Capabilities
  • Plasma & Waterjet Cutting Capabilities




We have a wide array of lathes, presses and milling machines to meet your custom fabrication and part fabrication needs.

We provide emergency parts fabrication and repair 24/7.

Custom-Platform-fabrication      Custom-stainless-curbs-and-containments     drizzler

Stainless Steel Trench Drain Liner

The company now decided to have Gottstein fabricate new stainless steel grating to match the liners we installed, instead of the old grating as shown in the picture.

     Trench Drain     Old Grating Removal

The drain liners are a cost effective solution to ripping out concrete and having the mess that is associated with construction.

Platforms and Decks

Platform 1     Platform 2     Platform 3

Platform 4     Platform 5